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Sara: I have noticed that I always suffer from a slight headache since I started the pill. Should I suspend it?

Migraine is a collateral effect that usually shows up in women taking the contraceptive pill. If the headache appears during days of suspension, if there are no cardiovascular diseases in your family and if your blood pressure is constant, I recommend not to suspend the pill but to gather a rich vitamin-based diet and to drink a lot. Moreover, in these cases, the best solution would be to add a vitamin B2 and a magnesium-based supplement, such as Zyxelle, which will act on your energy metabolism helping reduce your migraine. In case migraine attacks continue consistently while taking the pill, interfering with your daily activities, I suggest undergoing a medical visit and consult your gynaecologist to decide whether to suspend or change the contraceptive pill.

Monica: when is the IUD recommended? Does it hurt?

Women who need a safe contraceptive but cannot take the pill, can use the IUD. However, it must be highlighted, that not every woman can use the IUD in particular if they do not have a compatible uterus shape or dimension. The IUD comprises a small plastic device placed by a doctor (who will also provide for the removal of the IUD), within the uterus, in order to prevent pregnancy. There are numerous IUDs, however the most frequently used are hormonal and copper IUDs: the former releases progestin hormones directly in the uterus to thicken the cervix mucosa and prevent the sperm from penetrating and surviving flattening also the uterus membrane to avoid the ovum’s implant causing a lighter menstrual cycle. The IUD must be replaced every five years. The copper one can remain in the body for a maximum of ten years, the operating system consists of a slow copper release, which hinders the ovum’s fecundation and the subsequent implant on the uterine walls. The main difference between the two mentioned IUDs is that the latter can increase menstrual pain and blood flow, as well as the “spotting” between women’s periods. Once the IUD will be removed, it won’t have any contraceptive effect. However, the IUD does not protect from sexual transmitted diseases and it is not unconfortable, although this judgement remains strongly personal.

Gloria: Good evening, I have been taking the contraceptive pill for six months. It caused me blood losses before the suspension break. I therefore experienced a “fake” period for 12 days long. I decided to suspend it and change gynaecologist. I have a polycystic ovary and suffer also from pelvic inflammatory disease. After a two cycle antibiotic treatment I changed pill and took a different antibiotic, I guess it was caused by the pelvic inflammatory disease. However, the doctor has been erratic. It’s been two months since I started the new pill and during the first one I had bleedings especially in the last week and for the whole suspension week. I would like to try Zyxelle as it might affect positively my mood as well. In a month time I will have a new medical visit. Could it be that my body reacts negatively to the contraceptive pill?

Pathologies above mentioned are very different one from the other. The pelvic inflammatory disease and the polycystic ovary are completely different things. Probably your organism does not tolerate the pill anymore or you only have to wait for your organism to adapt to the stronger contraceptive pill you are currently taking. However, you can surely take Zyxelle to reduce the pill’s collateral effects, consequently improving your mood as well.

Valentina: my cousin mentioned the contraceptive patch, however it is not clear to me whether it is safer than the pill. What will you recommend?

The patch is a low-dosage hormones contraceptive whose peculiarity lays in the opportunity to take hormones through dermal absorption, sticking it on your back, arm, shoulder or on the lower abdomen. The advantage consists in avoiding the daily injection of the contraceptive pill as you can use 3 patches per month, with a weekly substitution: the first patch must be applied on the first day of your period, subsequently during the following weeks the new patches must be placed always during the same day of the week. After three weeks, one week of interruption must be given to the organism. For what concerns contraceptive safety, the patch is comparable to the pill, as the functioning is exactly the same, but the patch might loose efficiency in women above 90kg. Among collateral effects, the most frequent are the following: headache, nausea and breast tenderness. Moreover, in order to avoid an eventual skin sensitisation due to the transdermal system, a different position for each application is strongly recommended. It is not suggested in case of frequent sport activities or swimming as the patch might detach not adhering properly to the skin and has to be substituted within 24 hrs.

Ylenia: Good morning, it’s been two months since I have started the contraceptive pill in order to have complete sexual intercourses without concerns…but yet the desire has faded!!! Could it be an effect of the contraceptive pill?

Certainly, hormonal changes during the consumption of the contraceptive pill effects our organism, incurring also in a libido decline. In many cases this decline lays within psychological causes related to a sense of weakness and to an increase in body weight, which makes you feel less confortable. That is why taking Zyxelle can help feeling well and at peace with yourself.

Chiara: Is there any pregnancy risk during the interruption of the pill? In case I suspend it, can I have safe sex during my period?

During the period the interruption is completely covered by the pill. Whenever you suspend the pill without starting the next blister pack, the contraceptive effect will not occur and there could be a pregnancy risk, even though the sexual intercourses take place during your period.

Marilù: I have been recommended to avoid the contraceptive pill as it causes a sensitive increase in weight, approximately 2-3kg and because there could be a cellulite risk. Is that true?

Today’s prescribed contraceptive pills are characterised by very low hormonal substances, therefore a weight increase is approximately zero. However a proper diet, drinking often, a high concentration of vitamins, constant sports, physical activities (3 times per week) and a healthy lifestyle are essential. At last we have a food supplement – Zyxelle – containing Centella Asiatica, which fights cellulite imperfections by reducing water retention. I would suggest you to take the contraceptive pill, after a proper gynaecological visit and preliminary analysis, without concerns on the possibility of increasing your body’s weight.

Patrizia: What is the recommended time for the contraceptive pill’s suspension?

Actually after five consecutive years the pill must be suspended and perhaps started again. However in case you need to avoid pregnancy, it is possible to continue the treatment without suspending it, as long as regular medical checks are made. Don’t forget that the chronic use of the pill, in the long term, might cause lack of vitamins and an increase in water retention.

Mimma: I have never had skin sensitiveness, however as I started the contraceptive pill under peel spots appeared. What would you recommend in order to solve this problem?

A healthy, vitamin and antioxidant based diet and drinking a lot can surely help. However if the problem persists, I would recommend a dermatological visit to evaluate whether you have a good level of tolerance towards synthetic hormones (oestrogen and progestin) present in the pill’s composition.

Federica: When will I have to suspend the contraceptive pill in case I wish becoming pregnant?

Long term pill’s consumption can lead to a lack of folic acid and vitamins in women’s organism, therefore the necessary time to reach satisfying levels of folic acid in the organism will be needed. You can stop the pill and take the needed folic acid daily dose for two months. Conversely, you can associate the pill with Zyxelle, in order to ease the correct consumption of vitamin and folic acid. In this way you will have the opportunity to improve pregnancy possibilities, starting from your next period.

Cristina: How safe is the contraceptive pill? Which is the safest contraceptive method you would recommend?

If correctly consumed, the pill is currently the most accurate and safe contraceptive we have. In order to have the highest level of safety, the pill must strictly follow the mode of application (It should be taken every day at the same time carefully considering episodes of vomit or diarrhoea which may endanger the right assimilation of active substances, interfering with the contraceptive effect). This will prevent unwanted pregnancy but will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, which can be avoided only through the use of condoms from the beginning of the sexual relation.

Serena: I would like to be advised. I always take the pill in the morning. Zyxelle has to be taken with the pill or in a different time of the day?

Dear Federica Zyxelle can be taken at any time of the day, also with your contraceptive pill if more convenient.

Gaia: Good evening, I take the pill since 7 months now, both for contraceptive reasons and to solve an acne problem for which the pill has given positive effects, however, it has increased water retention. I was wondering whether the use of Zyxelle could reduce the positive effects of the contraceptive pill on my acne. Moreover, since I would strongly like to solve the water retention issue, is it possible to reduce it with the help of water draining capsules?

Unfortunately the use of the pill causes water retention in almost every woman. The use of Zyxelle together with the oral contraceptive stimulates the loss of exceeding fluids reducing microcirculatory inflammations, obtaining as a final result, that of reducing water retention’s effects. The use of Zyxelle does not reduce the positive effect of the pill on your acne; therefore you don’t need to have any concerns about it.

Diana: I am 46, I am not going through menopause and I am not using the contraceptive pill, can I take Zyxelle?

You can easily take Zyxelle although not using any kind of contraceptive.

Elisabetta: The mentioned food supplement works only if associated with the contraceptive pill?

Zyxelle is a food supplement needed to overcome unwanted effects deriving from a chronic use of the contraceptive pill. It is a food supplement that can be used without the combined use of the contraceptive pill, to add vitamins, minerals and to limit water retention. Everyone, whenever needed, can use it.

Margherita: I am taking the pill since two years now, although I am currently following a healthy diet and a constant physical activity, I still have water retention. Can Zyxelle help me?

Dear Margherita, Zyxelle is specially formulated to cure negative contraceptive pill’s effects on women’s organisms, such as water retention and associated increasing weight.

Maria: Good morning is Zyxelle useful during menopause, or are there contraindications?

Zyxelle contains antioxidant and vitamin-based substances, associated with Centella Asiatica (with a draining function at microcirculation level), with no drawbacks. It is a hormone therapy product, which prevents from complications related issues on the long term, and it can safely be taken during menopause.

Valentina: I am a 35 years old woman and I currently take the contraceptive pill for my polycystic ovary. However, it seems I cannot tolerate its effect since, during suspension periods, I suffer from migraine for which I take strong anti-inflammatory drugs with limited results so far. Would you recommend Zyxelle to solve this problem?

Zyxelle might surely help you solving the mentioned issue, and changing the contraceptive pill could be useful as well. However, polycystic ovaries are not cured with the pill anymore, it is rather controlled with myo-inositol associated with D-chiro-inositol. Try consulting a gynaecologist and endocrinologist.

Serena: I take the pill since ten years now without ever interrupting it because it never gave me collateral effects and because it helps balancing my strong blood flow. The gynaecologist has not recommended any suspension with modern pills, but I would appreciate having your advice about this?

You can continue using the pill without any suspension period, however always make blood tests and control your blood pressure. Associate the pill with the food supplement Zyxelle and you will obtain a balanced quantity of vitamins, folic acid and Centella Asiatica, which will prevent you from water retention.

Beatrice: It’s been a few months since I started the contraceptive pill due to hirsutism related problems, which (at least on my face) I completely solved. However, I noticed a weight increase and I also started to have cellulite issues, which I had never had. Moreover, I started suffering from breast tenderness and mood alterations. My gynaecologist recommended me to use Zyxelle. My doubt is the following: will the hirsutism related problem come back in case I interrupt taking the pill? I am not yet convinced whether continuing the contraceptive pill or not.

It is likely to happen that the hirsutism related problem will come back in case you decide to suspend the contraceptive pill. The one you are currently taking is especially tailored to treat hirsutism and should be well tolerated as it contains antiandrogen substances. Water retention is a pill related problem most of the time, no matter what kind of pill you are using. Your gynaecologist appropriately recommended Zyxelle. Rather than interrupting the hormonal therapy you are currently following, try taking regularly this food complement, drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day and you will soon notice a sensitive improvement in water retention and all the other symptoms mentioned above.

Marzia: Good evening I started Zyxelle a few days ago to solve my cellulite and varicose veins issues caused by the contraceptive pill. In how many days will I start noticing Zyxelle’s positive effect?

Dear Marzia, the first effects on water retention can be usually noticed after a constant use of Zyxelle for at least three months.

Ines: Good morning I am 40 and I currently take the pill. Unfortunately I had a weight increase of about 2kg. I follow a healthy diet, eating vegetables and fruit away from meals and I usually drink 1.5 litres of water everyday. Can I try using Zyxelle, or should I change the contraceptive pill?

You can try solving your problem taking Zyxelle. Changing the contraceptive pill might not help since hormones contained in the pill can lead to a weighted increase due to the water retention. Centella Asiatica contained in Zyxelle can help eliminate fluid excess.

Claudia: I read about Zyxelle and I was wondering whether it could be useful also for whom takes CLIMEN Ciclica.

Sure, you can take Zyxelle without concerns.

Benedetta: Dear Doctor I read on the contraceptive’s pill leaflet that some vitamin C based medicals can endanger the pill’s tolerability. I was wondering if I should avoid a high vitamin C’s dosage, and whether I can associate Zyxelle, which also contains vitamin C, with the contraceptive pill. Thank you in advance!

High quantities of vitamin C, as the ones contained in the aspirin, can increase estrogens in your circulatory system, this has no repercussions on contraceptive effects but only increased effects of the hormones on your organism. As I said, this will only happen in case of exceeding dosage and of an extended use of ascorbic acid. Therefore you should have no concerns in using Zyxelle or aspirin occasionally when needed.

Margherita: Dear Doctor Porcaro, I am 21 and last year I went through surgery for endometriosis purposes. Since cysts reformed I was recommended to take the pill. Do you think Zyxelle could help me? Also, I am very tall and I have suffered from legs’ circulation problems, therefore I don’t want the pill to worsen my problem also because I have an excellent metabolism and I wouldn’t like to lose this property. Also soft hair will remain? I am not sure anymore whether to continue the pill.

Surely Zyxelle can help preventing unwanted effects caused by taking hormones. For what concerns endometriosis, I don’t know its exact stage, but there should be a tailored pill for that. I would suggest you to ask your gynaecologist. Greetings.

Stefania: I am currently taking the contraceptive pill for hirsutism related problem, which has been partially solved. Therefore, I would like to prevent cellulite caused by the pill with Zyxelle. I would like to be sure Zyxelle will not compromise the contraceptive positive effects on my hirsutism related problems. Thank you.

You can safely take Zyxelle, it will not interfere with the pill’s effects.

Antonella: Dear Doctor, I heard about Zyxelle food supplement. I suffer from endometriosis and I went through surgery on February 2015 for a 6 cm cyst removal. I have been pharmacologically treated for the following five months with the use of the contraceptive pill, but I had to suspend it due to collateral effects it caused my organism. Is Zyxelle indicated for my pathology, and can I use it although suspending the pill? Thank you.

You can use Zyxelle without concerns. The endometriosis therapy involves the use of hormones and many associate Zyxelle to reduce negative effects of the therapy. I would suggest you to consult your gynaecologist in order to consider taking another kind of contraceptive pill due to your endometriosis problem. There is one tailored pill on this specific pathology.

Camilla: I will start for the first time tomorrow a new contraceptive pill. Four years ago I suspended after one month the pill due to a strong illness. I am very sincere, my greatest fear lays in having the same inconvenient: lower sexual desire, swelling, depression and weight gain. Will I be able to solve these problems with Zyxelle?

Zyxelle could surely help you, but take into consideration that modern contraceptive pills can be well tolerated.